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Feb 05

Contest on Facebook, Another Introduction and a Perfect 10 Superbowl!

Posted by lyron.bennett

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Hi Perfect 10ers!

First I wanted to make sure that everyone here knows that there is a vibrant community on Facebook ( who are as involved as the wonderful folks here in discussing the Perfect 10 Diet, supporting each other and sharing new recipes/idea/shopping tips, etc. Please join us there too as we will be running really fun contests with incredible prizes. Right now, if you review the Perfect 10 Diet on Amazon and let us know via Facebook you will automatically be enrolled to win a signed copy of the Perfect 10. Stay tuned next week for another great give-away!

Also, the wonderful Kat Meyer (@katmeyer on Twitter) is going to be blogging here, posting on Facebook and running a Twitter group for P10ers! I will let her introduce herself and her support group, but I can tell you that the first meeting with be on Superbowl Sunday @ 5PT/8ET. More from her soon, I promise!

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