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Apr 08

Your Questions Are Answered!

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Dr. Aziz made himself available for one-on-one questions through our Facebook page!

Dieters like you got questions answered by the doctor himself. Check out this Q&A roundup below. If you have a question and don't find the answer below, Dr. Aziz will make himself available to our Facebook community again on April 15. Check our Facebook page for the exact time—and become a fan while you're there!



Q: There is a question below about vinegar. Why is it bad to use on the P10 plan?

A: Many people misunderstood me and felt the P10 diet is all about eating organic or avoiding sugar altogether; It is not at all. Vinegar is okay, but excess of it can promote yeast overgrowth which is bad for hormones. Use it in small amounts.

Q: I have Celiac disease and always do well on phase one of the diet. But, when I go to phase two I gain the weight back. Do you think some few people should not eat grains at all?? Is it ok to just have beans and potatos instead of having grains for carbohydrates?

A: Stage One is perfectly okay as long as you are aiming for a balanced approach. A little of brown or wild rice is okay to eat. This way you don't feel deprived and you can stick to the P 10 diet.

Q: I noticed recently that many items contain "spices" near the end of the ingredient list..even my mustard. The individual spice iingredients are not you think the "spices" are natural or chemical?

A: I really have no clue. I do not trust any government labeling, guidelines or recommendations. Like I said to Angela, The P 10 diet is about making us smarter consumers. Mustard has turmeric which is very good for us. It has also little vinegar which is okay in small amounts. Do not fear it.

Q: What do you think of the offerings of the restaraunt Chipolte? I know they are known for their organic ingredients...

A: Chipotle is good as long you avoid the bad stuff, such as white tortillas and white rice.

Q: I did Stage Oone and got acid reflux symptoms. Coconut milk and coconut kefir did me in. It was too much fat for me. What went wrong?

A: I am not sure why you got reflux symtoms on stage one, in fact, it is the grains like pasta that can extend our stomach too much and can make us have a reflux. It can be coincidental. Feel comfortable to make changes to the diet for you to feel good.

Q: Can orgain sucanat be replaced for brown sugar in recipes?

A: Both brown sugar and sucanat are okay, but in very small amounts.

Q: I am a type 2 diabetic and since I went on the P10 diet, my blood sugars have been excellent.

A: The P 10 diet is perfect for diabetics and it is very different from than low- carb diets which promote cancer as you read in the book.

Q: Has anyone following this diet ever needed to calorie count also?

A: Calories count to a certain degres, but they are impossible to follow even if you eat processed foods. Labels are wrong and so are the calories listing on menus in resturants. Eat right, and count the time you exercise only.

Q: I need to GAIN weight. I eat very heatlhy - no processed foods, no gluten (sensitivity), minimal dairy, lots of grass fed/pastured meats. 90% home cooking. Have always been underweight, though. Thoughts?

A: It can be genetic or due to low testosterone or growth hormone. Do more anerobic acitvity in order to build muscles.

Q: I'm vegetarian—how can I follow this diet?

A: You can follow the P 10 diet by eating mushrooms, beans. Whey with no artifical ingredients is good. Keep a check on your B 12 level and homocyteine levels and thyroid.

Q: Will weight come off more slowly if peri-menopausal? 1200-1500 calories/day and exercising, but it's not working. I've only lost 5 lbs in 8 weeks.

A: It is harder to lose weight when women are in perimenopause as estrogen is made out of fat and not the ovaries. Continue to follow the P 10 diet.

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written by Carol, July 27, 2015
Hi I live in the UK and busy reading my perfect 10 book but need help with measurements.Am trying to do the stage 2 as I had my gallbladder out this month and awaiting all the bruising to go.Think I am being too heavy with the real butter on toast in a morning as I have not had any in years so decided to do the porridge.On page 186 says 1 cup of slow cooked oatmeal with 1/2 glass milk.Have some cup measuring pots so put a cup of the oats in a pan and had to guess what a 1/2 cup of milk was to use along with water for the oats.Made a huge amount and slowly ate it which was heavy going.Could anyone tell me the right way of doing this as I am sure I did it wrong.Would be so grateful for any help as I do want to get it right.The Doctor mentioned getting up in the night for the bathroom, thats me for the last 15 years so think he is onto to something that might help me.Am 61, already through the menopause without meds etc but know I can be better than I am with guidance.Kindest regards to all theothers on this journey.
written by Lindsay T., February 17, 2013
I am wanting to begin this diet. I have almost finished reading the book, and have learned a lot! I do have a bit of a hang up though, and am wondering what alternatives might be available to me. I used to be a vegetarian for 4 1/2 years, but am no longer a complete vegetarian. However, I get really squemish when it comes to eating meat on bones, including fish and shellfish. I am trying really hard to get over my dilema, but I am finding it really difficult. Are there any other options, or am I just going to have to overcome my fear of the bones, and shells?
written by Lisa Wyckoff, May 06, 2012
I need to know where venison fits on the P10. Also, my husband suffers from gout and P10 promotes shellfish - need we be concerned?
written by Martha Aiken, January 19, 2012
My husband is a hunter therefore our freezer is full of venison. Is it okay to eat venison on the Perfect 10 diet? If so, does it have to be considered as a red meat since it has no fat?
written by Martha Aiken, January 19, 2012
My husband is a hunter therefore we have lots of venison in our freezer. Is it okay to eat venison? If so, should it be considered as a protein other than red meat as it has no fat?
written by Amy1, January 12, 2012
We are planning on making these changes a family affair! While my spouse and I need to lose weight, we want to keep our kids healthy. How do we need to adapt this plan for them? They range in ages from 4-16 yrs old.
written by Marcus Chang, August 02, 2011
I can not find any reference to grape seed (or grapeseed) oil in my book, and several sources are promoting it (including many acquaintances. What does The Doctor say about Grape Seed Oil?
written by Kerri, May 25, 2011
Can I drink V-8 vegetable juice? How much of it should i drink since It's become my beverage of choice, along with water, of course. Also what is considered low sugar content on nutrition labels? I go with anything less then 10g. V8 has 8g per 12 ounce bottle. If i want my mug (10oz)of herbal tea sweetened, how much agave can I use?
written by deejay, May 17, 2011
Yesterday was the end of my first week on Stage One only to stand on my scale and have dropped 0.2 lbs!! Discouraging to say the least. I have the book and have been reading and trying to figure out where I went wrong. There is no 'portions' to refer to so not sure if I've been eating too much; I was quite vigilant with keeping to the recommended foods only for Stage One; I exercised 2x this week, walked for 1/2 hour (perhaps not enough exercise); my age is 48; does that have any bearing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
written by Perfect 10 Team, April 21, 2011
Dear Dana,

First of all, congratulations to you on your amazing weight loss. Those numbers look great!
Don't be alarmed by the weight plateau that you are experiencing. You are exercising a lot and building muscle, which weight more than fat. Instead of focusing on the scale, now look in the mirror and see how toned your muscles look. Also pay attention to how your clothes fit. While your wight might not be decreasing, your dress still might.
Good luck to you!
written by Dana Parker, April 21, 2011
I lost 26 lbs. from 5/10- 9/10 w/out much exercise on the P10 diet & love it, but I am on a plateau since that time. I am now in my third week of the "Insanity" workout, so I'm working out 40 mins. every day, 6 days per week, but the scale isn't moving & I have 32 lbs. to go. I'm only 38 years old & am really frustrated b/c I want all the weight off, as it's almost a year of eating (pretty much)perfectly! PLEASE advise....I am going to get glutamine & L-arginine to improve my IGF-1 factor, but am reluctant b/c I don't know if that's the problem.
written by Max , April 11, 2011
Where, oh where, is a list of which vitamins and supplements should be taken ?? The book may list half-a-dozen different options for one deficiency or another - do I take all of them? one of the choices listed? I would like to be able to make a list, from Vitamin A right thru to Zinc, of what is recommended, and in what amounts. Why isn't there a chart in the book? Seems like a simple thing. Btw, I have lost 20 pounds since the middle of January. I'm wearing expensive clothes that I had considered giving away, but now I'm back to what I weighed in high school.
written by melissa, March 24, 2011
does anybody know why cauliflower is not allowed in stage one? If it is please let me know because I am starting in a couple of days and am planning on avoiding it.
written by J Fontana, March 22, 2011
I bought Almond Butter to have with an apple a few hours before working out so I have a little more energy during the workout. I looked at the ingredients prior to buying it, but today I relaized it has wheat germ in it. Is that bad for Stage 1? Did I accidentally cheat today? It is high in Protein/fiber so I thought it would be an okay snack occasionally on my workout I wrong?
written by Perfect 10 Team, January 20, 2011
Vegetables such as corn, squash and cabbage are allowed during Stage One. There is a list of vegetables and fruit that you can enjoy as well as some to stay away from on pg 158-159 of the Perfect 10 Diet book.
written by Sharyl, January 19, 2011
Can you have corn in stage 1? I haven't been able to find it listed anywhere in the book. Thanks
written by Jude, January 01, 2011
I have been on the diet for 2 months and have lost 15 lbs. I love being on it as I think it is a healthy way of eating and is not too difficult to stick with. I want to try the Chinese Sticky Wings recipe in the book but it seems like there is something missing in the ingredients. Should there be some kind of liquid added to the marinade?
written by Jennifer McLean, December 05, 2010
Can you have squash or cabbage in stage one?
written by val, December 01, 2010
Can anyone tell me about portion sizes on this program
written by Sharon Watt, November 01, 2010
This is the first "food plan" that I have stuck with and am losing weight without much exercise. I am somewhat frustrated with foods recommended without a recipe to follow; e.g., mulgatawney soup. There are hundreds of variations. Same with Moroccan spiced chicken. What do you recommend. Thanx for your response.
written by Kathleen Lee, October 02, 2010
I want to thank Dr.Aziz. I have been on this diet since 3-1-10 and I have lost 60 pounds and feel great. Everyone notices the difference and I will never eat processed foods again.
written by Perfect 10 Team, September 27, 2010

On Perfect 10 you can have the meals in any order you like, but try to make it different every day, so that you don't get bored with the plan. There are plenty of recipes for you to try.
written by Dawn Lowery, September 25, 2010
Do you have to follow the meals in the order they are listed or can you have a smoothie for breakfast several days in a row? Love the diet, great results but I don't always have time for the prep it takes.
written by Maryann Lavigne, September 22, 2010
Have been on plan going on 5 months that fits into my lifestyle this October 8,2010 and have lost 45 pounds. With out feeling hungry ,or any cravings.
written by Perfect 10 Team, September 21, 2010
The book will not be able to test which hormones are imbalanced in your body, only your doctor can do that. Chapter 3, pg 59-83 of the Perfect 10 Diet book, talks about all 10 hormones and what to expect when one (or more) is not in balance. If you recognize some of the symptoms, it might help you to figure out what the causes might be.
Best of luck to you!
written by Mina, September 21, 2010
I'm reading your book and I understand the diet is to correct the 10 hormones? Do I need to have my dr. run a hormone test on me? Or Is there a place in your book that will help guide me to test myself and figure out what hormones are imbalanced?
Thank You!!!
written by Richard Hall, August 18, 2010
This diet has worked very well for me. I started on July 5th, 2 days after I broke my leg. I have lost 21 pounds 6 weeks, all without exercise. I have stayed primarily on stage 1. I have noticed some constipation from the reduction in the volume of food I consume. I eat lots of fruits and veggies, and a fair amount of eggs, meat and dairy. I'm not a big water drinker, but manage to go through 4-5 glasses a day. Any thoughts or comments?
written by Eugenia Arshinova, August 16, 2010

Excess caffeine promotes excess insulin secretion, which can lead to hunger. If you can't can't kick the caffeine habit, at least cut it down to 1 cup a day.
There is a great explanation on how tea and coffee affect your body and which types of tea are the best for you on page 167 of the Perfect 10 Diet book.

Good luck to you!
written by katie, August 16, 2010
are coffee and tea allowed?
written by Perfect 10 Team, August 05, 2010

Mayo doesn't need to be home made. You can find Mayo made with Olive oil at major grocery stores. Don't get discouraged if you can't find it right away, many times it is located at a "healthy/diet food" section of the store.

Good luck!
written by Joan Holtgrave, August 04, 2010
For Mayo with olive oil, does that need to be homemade and if so how or can you just get any mayo that is made with olive oil off the shelf, as long as it's not fat free or low fat?
written by Tammy, August 02, 2010
I am not sure where to begin the diet. I might need to lose 5 pounds. I went through the slim for life program last year and lost approximately 30-35 pounds. But I am wanting a lifestyle change and not temporary. I am travelling to countries (Turkey) on a mission trip and I am not sure how available things will be. There are certain places you can't eat the vegatables and such.
written by Eileen, May 24, 2010
I have been trying your diet for 3 days and I find that I am hungry and feel weak and flat. What should I be sure to include in my daily food. The good news is I have lost 3 lbs already.
written by suzanne piekarz, May 16, 2010
can i have earl grey tea with whole milk 1st stage
written by Lynne Lucas, April 13, 2010
My husband and I have been following the Eat For Your Blood Type Diet and have done well. However, I find a great many things on your diet are things our blood type should not have plus we are lactose intollerant so cannot use cow's milk. My question is, how can we incorporate the two diets, or can we?

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