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Nov 02

Perfect 10 Diet Recipes

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The Perfect 10 Diet recipes offer a lot of great flavor and tons of health benefits. While there is plenty of variety from the recipes in the book, we want to hear about your recipes! If you've discovered a great way to combine some of the fabulous food allowed in the Perfect 10 Diet, share it below!

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written by Carolyn H., June 13, 2011
Anyone out there want to start this together? I'm 5'6, and 170 lbs. I want to lose 40. Started with one supper already. Don't feel satisfied, but imagine my body's working things out.
written by amerie, February 17, 2011
I started the diet this week and so far am feeling great. I haven't had bread or grains in four days and I don't miss it. I am sleeping better at night. I'm loving the coconut milk. I purchased Whole Foods brand coconut milk and put it in the blender and it was like the best whip cream. I had it over berries for breakfast with a little cinnamon and nutmeg. Delicious. I am excited about it. I have 25 pounds to loose and am very hopeful I can stick to this diet.
written by Tina, January 11, 2011
Love love love this diet!
I know there are some recipes in the book and a few on this website but may I suggest a page on the website where people can view and share their recipes separated by breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks? This would be such a valuable tool for this diet.
Several of my friends and family are on the P10 diet and are asking for MORE recipes, ideas for meals.
All are losing weight and feeling great, including myself!
Thank you Dr. Aziz for a whole new outlook on what we are putting into our bodies! This diet makes sense. Finally.
written by Arlene, May 10, 2010
Started the diet almost a week ago, already lost 6 lbs. No more cravings for sugar. Looking for a good vegetable soup. Can anybody help me, thank you.
written by Kelly Perry, May 10, 2010
Making Chinese Sticky Wings, pg 311, however it talks about a marinade...and pouring the marinade over the chicken at one point. What am I missing? All the ingrediants are is 1 tsp agave, 1 Tb ginger root, 1 clove of garlic and 1/2 tsp of garlic paste. That gives me less than 1/4 a Cup of marinade and that just doesn't seem right. Thanks!
written by Perfect 10 Team, April 26, 2010
you can find delicious Perfect 10 recipes on pages 299-367 of the Perfect 10 book. Also, our Facebook friends have shared amazing Perfect 10 recipes on!/perfect10diet?ref=ts
Good luck!
written by Michelle, April 24, 2010
I have the same problem as martha who commented on 1/18. I am really excited about the diet but when i tried to go shopping and start out hardley any of the suggested meals had the recipe. I am no cook and deffinitely need help and guidance in this area. In short I am wondering, where can i get recipes?!?!
written by jan young, March 06, 2010
i really want to get started on this diet but what i want to known is organic food is the key to the diet? like the yogurt , the eggs and etc.
written by Eugenia (Perfect 10 Team), March 02, 2010
There are recipes for each stage of the diet and also useful meal plans for each day on pages 299-367 in the Perfect 10 Diet book. Dr. Aziz also shared some of his favorite food sources for organic products and a complete shopping list that will help you start the diet right.
There are some recipes on this website as well. You might also want to check out the Perfect 10 Diet Facebook page at!/perfect10diet?ref=ts
Good luck! Keep us posted.
written by Fyn, March 01, 2010
I have bought the audiobook from and have listened to it twice, I am now completely sold on the theory but my subscription didn't provide any recipes or meal plans to follow? I am keen to do the phase 1 but would like a detailed plan - is that available anywhere?
written by Jennifer, February 24, 2010
On the book Dr. Aziz sounds very against vegetarianism. However, many vegetarians choose this lifestyle based on things other than just weight loss or health issues. What are the recommendations for them?
written by Lyron Bennett, February 05, 2010
Hi MC,
That would be fine since you are counting it as a desert anyway :). Let us know how it goes!!
written by mc, February 03, 2010
I liked the walnut cake. I used a bunt pan which required cooking a little longer. The cake reminded me of banana bread. If I bake it with a couple of ripe bananas in the mix, will it still be consistent with the diet? I also think it would be good with a cup of apple sauce and cinnamon added.
written by Linda, January 31, 2010
Thanks Lyron, we will await clarification on the 40,40,20.

Tracee, the salad dressing you mentioned sounds pretty good to me. We almost would have to make the salsa because of the chemicals they put in the prepared jar stuff. It would be a change up from the olive oil based dressing :-) Your faux apple pie sounds good too! I'm not usually a sugar craver but it I have my times of month...
written by Tracee, January 29, 2010
I have found for salad dressing I use a little full fat sour cream with fresh salsa and it's great. Perhaps even add a little guacamole made fresh.
written by Lyron Bennett, January 29, 2010
Hi Everyone,
Dr. Aziz just wrote a great little piece for me on the 40/20/40 and portion size questions that all these great Perfect 10 Dieters are asking for. I will be getting that up on the blog today, so that should help those questions.

Now, onto Linda's other great questions.

1) Sweet Potatoes - Exactly, that is just for Stage 1.

2) Organic Dairy - I completely mispoke on that, and will edit that comment so as not to confuse others. What I meant was not unpaturized but organic so as to avoid the additives. Thank you so much Linda for catching that, maybe I can blame it on the fact that I only allow myself 1 cup of coffee now on the Perfect 10 Diet :).

3). "Lean" Animals - Another great catch. What I meant was quite simply that Deer meat was okay as a protein and should be treated like you would treat any other lean protein that you were going to eat. Sorry, I will edit that one as well. You are completely right about chicken and turkey as well.

4). Olive Oil and Salad Dressing - He does recommend that you use olive oil as your salad dressing. There are a bunch of salads in the back of the Perfect 10 book that have a variety of dressings. All of the ingredients listed in those salads to make the dressing you can use, not just olive oil.

First, thanks Linda for the great questions! I hope this helps and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help! And please, definitely shoot up a post or an email to me if there is anything that I say that doesn't make sense to you. Happy Friday everyone!
written by Jan, January 29, 2010
Thank you, Linda. Great questions.

Everyone seems to have the same questions. They want an explanation of the 40-40-20 and portion sizes.

Lyron, can you just address those 2 questions?

Also, how do you become a registered user?

written by Linda, January 28, 2010
Having just read the entire book, I have a few questions - I hope you don't mind. I want to get this right before I start the plan:

1) Sweet Potatoes - Page 99 - is listed as one of the Top Fiber Foods; yet
on Page 159, Sweet Potatoes are to be limited in consumption. Just Stage 1?

2) Lyron: Your reply on 1/25: you mention "unpasturized dairy". Buying
"unpasturized" dairy is illegal in my home State. Did you mean "organic" and
if it is to be eaten in limited amounts, what is the daily limit?

3) Lyron: On another reply, you mention "lean" meats yet I've read where Dr.
Aziz makes the agrument on Page 129 under "Animal Fats". In fact, I
would find it hard to reach 40% of calories in fats if I didn't eat the skin
and fat on chicken, turkey.

4) I believe I've read that Dr. Aziz would recommend just putting 1 teaspoon of
olive oil on your salad. That is very little even for a small salad and
I assume he allows lemon and lime juice since it's in his recipe section with
the salads. How much olive oil allowable to say 1 cup of salad?

5) What is the best way we can be sure we are following the 40,40,20 rule?
How do we know we are on tract if we aren't counting our calories?
Do we just eye ball the portions on each meal? I know this question was
asked but I can't wrap my mind around the concept of monitoring this
without figuring out your calories allowed each day, then doing Fitday
to have the online computer calculate it for you. That gets to be
very tedious.

Sorry for all the questions, but I think we need some clarification so we don't have a false start.
written by Donna, January 28, 2010
Finally found the Coconutty Shake recipe from the First Magazine in December: 1 large ripe banana; 1 cup coconut milk; 1/4 cup blanched almond slivers; crushed ice; blend well.
written by Donna McElwee, January 28, 2010
I am also looking for the coconut smoothie recipe. I gave my First magazine away without making a copy.
written by Lyron Bennett, January 27, 2010
Hi Annette,
Truvia is totally acceptable. Thanks for the question!
written by Annette, January 26, 2010
I've been on the diet for about a week now and feel great. But my question is, Is Truvia an acceptable form of stevia to substitute for sugar/artificial sweeteners? The artificial sweeteners are a hard habit for me to break because I like my tea to be sweet. Thanks!
written by Lyron Bennett, January 25, 2010
Hi Karen and B:
These are both good questions. First, the question of vinegar in the Mexican recipe. Vinegar is one of the foods that Dr. Aziz says you should only have in small quantities. But again, in those quantities it is completely fine. As for dairy, Dr. Aziz says full-fat, unpasturized dairy is good for you in small amounts. The sample weekly plan on 319-321 only has dairy sparingly in it. Where are you seeing more dairy recommended? Thank you so much for your questions!
written by Lyron Bennett, January 25, 2010
Hi Deb,
Great question about unlimited foods! I am asking Dr. Aziz now, I will replace this post with an answer as soon as I get one. Thank you for the great question!
written by Lyron Bennett, January 25, 2010
Hi Everyone,

Lots of great questions here that need answering! First, I will be posting a more in depth answer to questions about the 40/20/40 on the blog later this week, so that will be there. In the mean time, the wonderful Erin Erinn Kruser wrote the following on facebook which people have found helpful. I am copying it directly from there here:
"The 40/40/20 rule is you get 40% of your daily intake from carbs, 40% from good fats and 20% from protien. He doesn't really count calories, it is more about eating the right portion sizes and mix of foods. If you look at your whole day, 40% of your food should be made up of carbs - but he is not saying bread, but veggies, fruits, legumes and whole grains (see page 89), 20% protien page 103 on talks about what type of protiens to eat, 40% (or a little less) fat are from cooking with butter, eating nuts, avacatos, salmon, coconut. On page 180 he talks about what to buy for the week and what is a serving and page 181 has a good shopping list of what to have on hand
* have 5-9 servings of veggies and fruits a day - 1 serving is a cup for most; a whole banana, mango, or apple are two servings. For vegetables you can count on a cup being a serving unless it is low in fiber (potatoes, carrots, beets) then eat about 1/2 cup for a serving.
* 5-9 servings of fats, examples are 1/4 c nuts, 1 T butter, slice of cheese, nut butters, cream, yogurt,...
* 2-3 servings of lean protiens, 2 eggs, 3 oz Salmon, cup of beans, mushrooms, shrimp, ...
I hope this helps you."

Now I know there are other questions here about other things, but I wanted to get that up asap. I will be answering the other questions in turn.
written by Cheryl, January 25, 2010
I am having trouble calculating the 40-40-20 as I don't know if that is percentage of total calories -- or how it should be calculated. Was frustrated that menus in the book did not help with this issue. Although it lists food it does not list any kind of quantity or measurement, i.e. chicken wings. One, five, ten? How many would be in proportion to the other foods on the menus. That is HUGE downside to this book for me.
written by Deb , January 24, 2010
I've just finished Dr. Aziz's book and am thrilled! However, there are no portion sizes for each meal. Also, there were no discussions about any unlimited foods, such as celery, cucumbers, etc. (Perhaps I read too fast because this book is an answer to my prayers!) Where can I go to determine these things?
written by Deb , January 24, 2010
I just finished the book. It was an answer to my prayers! There are a few issues that I'm having though when it comes to implementing the strategies from the book. There are no portion sizes mentioned in the book or anything that really says what is a serving size. Do you have any additional resources for the meals. I've always touted the King, Prince and Pauper theory, but with a husband that comes from a farming background, every meal is a King. Portion sizes would help me. Another question I have is are there any unlimited foods, like celery, lettuces, etc.?
written by B, January 20, 2010
I read in the book that you are not allowed to use vinegar. In the Mexican salad recipe on the website cider vinegar is used. What does that mean? Can I use vinegar or not?
written by Karen Murry , January 20, 2010
Help! I just bought the book and am ready to jump on board. However, I am from the south and most of the recipes in the book seem foreign to me. Anyone out there have more familiar southern recipes??

I am also confused that Dr. Aziz says to eat dairy sparingly, yet most of the typical day menus for stage one have dairy listed on them. Is there a recommendation for the daily amount it is safe to consume?
written by Rima, January 19, 2010
how would i know how much butter is recomended for me daily or how much oil i can consume is anybody have any suggestions, i was guessing it would be a serving size?
written by Machele, January 19, 2010
My favorite breakfast...a handful of organic baby spinach sauteed in 1/2 T butter, 2 scrambled eggs, sea salt and pepper to taste! It is so good and keeps me content til lunch time!
written by Rima, January 18, 2010
can i just make my own meals with healthy fats and cheeses salads with extra virgin olive oil and feta with grilled chicken?
what is sushi grade salmon? what about smoked fish, is it alowed on the diet?
can i chew gum?
what if i am not hungry or i have no time for cooking can i sub hummus with vegys for my dinner? how much hummus i can have or a portion for dinner? 3oz of protein?. i just started today and it is almost like i starting to learn how to walk:) i honestly always was afraid to eat, i hope i will learn how to get back to my relationship with food.

thank you .
written by Donna M, January 18, 2010
I have just finished reading the Perfect 10 and am very excited. I had the lapband last Jan and lost 40 lbs but want to eat to be healthier and live longer. V8 has carrots in it; is this juice ok on the plan?
written by martha, January 18, 2010
Just got the book and in looking at the breakfast choices in phase one, one of the first examples is Eggs Copenhagen but there is no recipe! In reading further, I have noticed the same on other dishes you suggest. When I GOOGLE the recipe for Eggs Copenhagen I KNOW this isn't on the Perfect 10 so give me some guidance or better yet the recipe!! I'm excited about starting this program but I think it's a slippery slope to suggest meals that you don't provide the recipe for as so many of us need exact amounts until we get the hang of things and can swap ingredients in and out.
written by L. Heflinger, January 16, 2010
I also have a tendency to not always measure things, but a very easy and delicious dessert can be made by combining a few strawberries, blueberries or even a small sliced banana with some whipped cream that has been very slightly sweetened with a little agave, then dusted with either cocoa powder or cinnamon. Quick, easy and luscious enough to serve company too.
written by L. Heflinger, January 16, 2010
I'm thrilled with Dr. Aziz's book, because it has given me an even clearer understanding of the and health benefits that my favorite cookbook, "Nourishing Traditions" got me started on, but didn't specifically help me enough with knowing how eating this way is the natural way to weight loss, as well as to controlling my hypertension and pre-diabetic issues. Hooray for Dr. Aziz and hooray for me in finding his book only recently, but knowing IMMEDIATELY that it was the perfect complement to the only cookbook/resource book I'd already been using ("Nourishing Traditions") but hadn't given me quite enough information from an expert medical viewpoint to charge ahead, full-speed. I'm excited to join the myriads who've benefited from Dr. Aziz's advice and look forward to reporting on my success to you in the future!
written by Tracee, January 10, 2010
I hate to share a "recipe" because I have a tendancy not to measure, but if you have a sweet tooth and like apple pie: core one apple (leave skin on or peel, doesn't matter) and saute in a small skillet with a tablespoon of butter, 1 packet of Stevia and cinnamon, when it's done add in just a little heavy cream. I I have pecans I'll add them in and cook with the applies as well. It's delicious!
written by ALONA ROBISON, December 10, 2009
Kim, I would be happy to buddy up with you although I have over 50lbs to lose! Where are you getting your diet info? I have only seen the magazine and this website. You?
written by kim cory, December 09, 2009
I am on day 10 and feeling good. I am trying to get the meals down and figure out what I can eat. But I think I'm doing O.K. for the time being.Looking at photos of myself at my size, I"m a little dicouraged. I think how did I let myself go to the extent that I have?? I mean really, what was I thinking!? Oh well, what am I going to do but start again? I don't really have all that much weight to lose...maybe 25lbs or less. I could start looking better if i lost 10lbs. It's a day by day thing that's for sure and I'm not the only one going through it. It would be nice if someone wanted to team up and support eachother one on one. That would be very good. So, if anyone is so inclined, get in touch and we can do this together! I'm pretty committed but having that extra bit of support could be just what I (and maybe somebody else needs to get through this) need to put me over the top and give me that extra push. Well, have a super day and thank you! Kim
written by kim cory, December 01, 2009
I am looking forward to getting my copy of the book! I am on day 2 of the plan and doing very well. The food is good and satisfying and I'm happy about that . I'm looking forward to getting a before picture and sending it to you and then another in 2 weeks and then more as the time goes. I have 25 pounds to lose and I know I'll make it on this plan! Thank you, have a great day. Kim
written by Debbie Bryant, November 27, 2009
Help Me & my husband!!!!

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