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Nov 10

Starting Stage 1

Posted by: Dr. Aziz in About The Perfect 10 Diet

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Stage One (Initiation)
Stage One of the Perfect 10 Diet will last approximately 3 weeks, and most people will lose an average of 10 to 14 pounds during this time. That’s a lot of weight in a short period of time, but don’t be alarmed about your initial results. Some of the weight loss in this stage is water. Later on, your weight will go down at a slower pace. During this stage, you’ll eat 3 meals a day, and you’ll also have the option to eat 1 to 2 snacks a day on the days you work out or if you’re hungry.

Stage One is relatively short because it is not sustainable over the long term. It is only designed to jump-start your weight loss and give you an idea about your own metabolism and calorie requirements. You will have normal-sized portions of eggs, poultry, fish, shellfish, mushrooms, and beans. These are healthy protein choices to balance your insulin and glucagon, the hormone that melts fat. Of course, unlike low-carb diets, no processed meats like bacon or sausage are allowed on the Perfect 10 Diet at any time or in any amount.

You’ll enjoy salads tossed with nuts (pecans, almonds, and walnuts are all good choices). You’ll eat plenty of fiber-rich vegetables with each meal. However, I recommend eliminating beets, carrots, and potatoes during this stage because of their starchy nature; they are very disruptive for insulin. Fruits are certainly permitted and encouraged on the Perfect 10 Diet. I love low-sugar fruits such as berries, kiwis, honeydew, and cantaloupe, and the fructose present in any types of fruit will not negatively affect your insulin level.

You’ll also drink plenty of water from glass bottles if you can. Unsweetened lemonade and decaffeinated beverages are also acceptable. Being fit does take a little work, so let’s get to what you have to give up in this short stage. You must cut your calories if you want to lose weight. It is back to a Paleolithic diet on Stage One of the Perfect 10 Diet. Since your body needs protein and fat to function optimally, you must focus on cutting out carbs. This means you won’t eat any cereal, bread of any kind, rice, or pasta during the 3-week period of Stage One. If you are the kind of person who says, “Wait a minute, Doc. I can’t give up bread,” or “Mama mia, I’m Italian, what are you saying to me?” don’t worry; you’ll have bread and pasta in no time at all. After all, grains weren’t a part of the human diet for most of our history. Agriculture didn’t exist for 99.9 percent of our human existence. The Perfect 10 Diet is not about deprivations. It’s about freedom and variety. Give it a shot, and you will be amazed with the results. Of course, there was no dairy in Paleolithic time. But I won’t make you wait 2 million years or even 3 weeks; I will let you have some. Of course, no alcohol of any kind or any amount is allowed during Stage One of the Perfect 10 Diet.

Although Stage One may be the strictest stage of the Perfect 10 Diet, I guarantee the stage will be over in no time, and all of the weight you'll lose will be worth it.

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written by Perfect 10 Team, March 07, 2011

Seafood is not the only choice on Stage 1 of the Perfect 10 diet, there is also poultry and eggs, fruit and vegetables to enjoy. Being on this diet and never eating fish is possible. You can find the full list of recipes for Stage 1 on page 299 of the Perfect 10 Diet book.

Good luck!
written by Jenni, March 06, 2011
I want to start the perfect 10 diet but i see that stage one has lots of seafood and i don't eat any type of seafood what can i replace those food with????
written by Eugenia (Perfect 10 Diet), March 01, 2010
I understand how frustrating it might be, when you see the Perfect 10 Diet work perfectly for your husband, but not for you. Please don't give up! Dr. Aziz describes reasons for sluggish weight loss and tips on how to overcome it on page 165 of the Perfect 10 Diet book.
Keep up the good work and don't forget to share your experiences with us!
written by Lisa, March 01, 2010
I love this diet, because I feel so much better. But I haven't lost more than 4 pounds! What am I doing wrong? My husband has lost 15lbs in Phase 1! I think I'm getting too much fat, or eating too much. I'm really struggling and ready to give up. I am 41, he is 45. I'm not menopausal, so hormones shouldn't be an issue...
The other problem is that we live in a VERY small community (1000 population) and finding organic foods, a good variety and foods without soy is nearly impossible. I feel like no matter how hard I try to follow the diet, I am being sabatoged by the foods that are loaded with chemicals/not organic. The nearest whole food store is 2 hours away and I cannot go there every week.

Please give me some encouragment and tips to suceed!

written by sarah, February 13, 2010
is it possible that i'm not losing in stage 1 because of too much fat? i'm doing everything right, but the weight isn't coming off.
written by Lyron Bennett, February 05, 2010
Hi Angela,
On page 290, Dr. Aziz mentions that the Perfect 10 Diet works perfectly well for children, with the exception of the fact that they should eat less seafood (because of mercury). If you have any other specific questions, let me know! And keep up the great work!

Hi Lisa,
I don't know if there is much I can do to help, but I would say that things like the 40/20/40 rule are just guide's for people to use, not hard and fast rules. Maybe you should bend the rules a bit more to make it fit your tastes? Just a thought. Hope that helps!

Hi Jen,
Great question! Lots of people feel this way and on some diets that is the way they want you to feel. But not here. If you eat that extra dessert, all that means is that you ate an extra dessert! It doesn't mean you need to start over or add days. Does that makes sense? One of the big points about the Perfect 10 Diet is that it should be empowering learning what kinds of foods are genuinely good for you and in what proportions. So instead of worrying that you might "blow it" just keep learning what foods are good for you to be eating, what you like and don't and try to find that balance that will lead to Perfect 10 health. If you have any specific questions, I'm here to answer them!
written by Angela, February 03, 2010
My husband and I started this diet 11 days ago and it is going great, we are so excited and are feeling so much better. We found this book because it addressed the Pancreas (my husband was diagnosed with Pancreatitis a year ago and had not been doing well) We had no idea what an answer it would be! We are incorporating this diet into our kids lives as well....stage 3 of course but I was wondering if there is anything we should do differently for them? Our kids are 6 & 8. This is a lifestyle for us, not just a diet, so our kids are changing along with us and I want to be sure we are doing the right things for them.
written by lisa, February 03, 2010
I'm on day 3 and starving. With only 1 dairy and two portions of fruit, that means a lot of vegetables and protein doused with oil or some fat to make it filling. I like vegetables, but they are not filling. Herbivores have to graze constantly to get enough calories. So it's beginning to feel a lot like atkins, and I don't like meat that much.
written by Jen, February 01, 2010
Starting this today. Read the book, and made a shopping list. I'm just worried about what happens if I slip up while away on vacation or with family. I've tried other approaches before, and when I mess up I figure, well, I blew it, so why start again? What happens if you do eat that dessert or whatever? Do you just add another day onto Phase 1? My biggest issue is avoiding bread for sandwiches. Just wondered...thanks!
written by Beth, January 29, 2010
I just finished phase 1 a few days ago and have lost 17 pounds in three weeks. I'm really impressed with that result, not just because I did it, but because of how easy it was. I haven't been excercising like I should and I was never hungary. I have a lot more energy now, I'm sleeping better and my dentist remarked today that I have much less inflamation in my gums than I've had in previous checkups. My dentist also takes my blood pressure before cleanings and my blood pressure has high the last two checkups and my last 2 doctor's visits, but today it was much lower. I'm thrilled, thank you Dr. Aziz!
written by Lyron Bennett, January 27, 2010
Hi Shawna:
Thanks for the great question! I would say the firsat step is to increase your portion size until you feel comfortably full after your three meals. Also you could add an extra snack of mixed almonds. Does this help? I hope it does!
written by shawna, January 26, 2010
Today is my first day and I am so hungry. For breakfast I had 2 scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese and an orange. I tried to go 5 hours between meals as the book suggests but at hour 3 I was very hungry. At hour 4 I had to eat lunch (soup)and I only felt satisfied for about an hour. I only ate lunch 2.25 hours ago and I am starving again so I ate an avacado but am still hungry. Am I doing something wrong? I realy want this to work, should I be eating more at each meal???
written by Lyron Bennett, January 25, 2010
Hi Di,
Great question about Peanut Butter. I would substitute that with Almond Butter or Macadamia Butter instead as Peanuts are much higher in Omega-6 fatty acids (check out page 132 of the book for more on this).

I also want to say that there is a great discussion on this thread, keep it up and please let me know if you are not finding answers to your questions here or elsewhere!
written by Di, January 18, 2010
Can you have peanut butter on Stage 1 ?
written by Beth, January 15, 2010
It sound like you have to lower your fats and increase your fruits and vegies. We should get 5 to 9 servings of those each day. I try to get two per meal and add them to any snacks that I have. Your total caloric intake is very low, so adding that food would be a good thing. I am on day 12 and I lost 7lbs the first week. I've noticed that portion control comes natural too, you just have to listen to you body and quit when you're satisfied.
Good luck,
written by Beth , January 15, 2010
This is day 12 for me. I lost 7lbs the first week :) My suggestion to you is to work on lowering your fat intake and replacing it with more fruits and vegies. We are encouraged to eat 5 to 9 servigs of fruits and vegetables per day. I know that can be hard if you are not used to that, but for each meal, strive for at least two servings of good carbs per meal, and then possibly add some to your snacks if you have them.
written by lisa, January 14, 2010
I'm on day 11 and as of last Sunday, I was down 4.4 pounds, but I think I've lost some more. I haven't weighed myself, though. I am off diet soda after many unsuccessful attempts in the past to get off diet soda. I got hooked while doing NutriSystem and on that diet, you are allowed unlimited amounts of diet soda. No kidding about diet soda messing up your hormones. I always thought there was a link between diet soda and those fine little lines I was getting below my eyes. I didn't have a wrinkle on my face at 28 until I started drinking that nasty stuff. I lost a ton of weight on NS and kept it off, but I've wanted to lose that last 15 - 20 pounds for a while and haven't been able to discipline myself to do so. I am motivated by the insulin resistance thing. I am fearful of my pancreas giving out eventually and me getting diabetes. I've struggled with feeling hungry all the time and feeling hungry even after I eat. I went to a doc about it several years ago, and they took my fasting blood sugar and told me I was fine and there was nothing they could do about my complaints. If only I'd known that the secret was to eat more fat and get off the processed foods. Now I make every meal about balancing my hormones. I'm also motivated to exercise more than I was in the past. I think my acne is going away, too.
written by Erinn, January 12, 2010
I don't think it is about counting calories, but eating so that you are sustained and eating the right balance of foods. If you workout quite a bit, make sure you are eating the snacks.

I am on my 3rd day and tried the "Eggs Cocotte" recipe, it was good and my kids even liked it. Trying the avacado boats for breakfast tomorrow.
written by Machele, January 12, 2010
It would be SO helpful if there was a food journal on this website. I have figured out how many calories I should eat in Carbs, Protien and Fat but it is not easy to attain the 40-40-20 balance. Any suggestions....
written by Suzanne, January 11, 2010
Okay...I am seriously not sure that this is right. I put everything down in my food dairy (CalorieKing) and I only ate 600 calories today. Everything I have ever read said that if you go below 1200 your body goes into starvation mode. There is no way that I will be able to keep up my high intensity exercise when I burn over half of that through circuit training! Not to mention I won't be able to function...someone tell me that I am doing something wrong!
written by Machele, January 09, 2010
Today was my first day and I have a question. I consumed 836 calories; 468 was from good fats, 228 from lean protien, which left only 192 from good carbs. Any suggestions?
written by lily, January 04, 2010
Yes, dairy is allowed, at most 1 serving a day, (not the 3 we've all been told). I haven't given up my caffinated coffee yet, but am doing very well otherwise: cravings for sweets are all but gone!
It's only been 1 week and I'm down 5.5 lbs and I fell great....I didn't expect so much so soon.
written by Lucy, January 03, 2010
I ordered the book yesterday, but I'm starting today on what little info I've gathered for stage one. Got some chicken, fruit, vegs, almonds, pecans, aguave, and Stevia, oh and a big switch to whole milk and yogurt (not sure if its allowed yet though). Weening myself off caffeinated coffee! Looking forward to seeing results and eventually getting off bp med! I'll keep you posted-thanks this diet seems to make sense!
written by April, December 28, 2009
You can buy the book right now, in hardback,at Barnes and Nobles. I went to the store but I am sure you could find it online also. The book is very informative and gives you more options and guidlines for eating. So far my husband and I are very happy with the meals. I hope this helps.
written by H. Jones, December 27, 2009
I've purchased the book and have a general idea of what foods I can have and can't have during my first three weeks. What I am confused about is quantity and portions. Is there a certain calorie amount I should shoot for? When using a recipe am I allowed to add sides to the dishes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
written by Phyllis Robinson, December 15, 2009
Kim! Congratulations! I decided to wait until I got the book. Wish I had already started! Where did you get your book? I asked on the FB page how to get it the quickest and was told to click on "BUY THE BOOK" on this website, but it gave me so many choices of places to buy. was only $16 but it says it won't ship until 1/28/10. That made me not want to order online and wait til it was in the stores. Did you order online?
written by kim cory, December 10, 2009
I'm on day 11 and feeling good. I'm down about 5 pounds with very little effort. I'm discovering more and more about what to eat and learning a lot from the book. There is SO much information and I find it very interesting. Good material and very revealing.I think the recipes are good but I have to say I think they are a little limiting.I can't wait to post some of the things I've been eating. I've been making soups and salads and smoothies. I like to make things in large quantities then I'm not always in the kichen. Right now I'm making roasted garlic and spinach soup with a variety of herbs and spices. Very bueno. And it will last a few days so I know there will always be something quick and easy at my disposal. I'm enjoying myself just knowing that I'm taking good care of myself and treating myself better. I love how my clothes are feeling too. Oh, and may I say that I've given in a couple of time to some holiday wine and pie but hey, we are in the holiday mode, right? I won't give myself too much lee way though. good luck to ALL! kim
written by Kim Cory, December 07, 2009
In reading the blogs I'm getting more of an idea what I'm allowed and not allowed. So, no coffeee! O.K. that's not such a big thing to give up! How about green tea? And also, no whole wheat pasta for the first 3 weeks. I've had tht a few times thinking it wasn't off limits. Woopsie! Oh well, I'm glad I now know.So far I'm feeling very fulfilled and not ever hungry. What about portions? Do we have to count calories...oh I hope not! Thank you for all your info! I'm enjoying myself and am going to make the strawberries dipped in chocolat. I'll review that recipe on tuesday!
written by kim cory, December 07, 2009
O.K. today is day 8 and I'm feeling super. Have noticed the my cravings for sweets is almost gone. That is really huge for me. I have always had to fught my cravings. I making up lots of recipes since I don't have the book yet! I'm an excellent cook and very creative. I'm looking forward to sharing my recipes when I finally get the book, just to make sure they are legal in all aspects.Haven't checked the scale yet but if my clothes are any indication, then I'm on the right track and feeling good at the same time.
written by Annie, November 26, 2009
Starting after Thanksgiving Day...looking forward to eating real food and still losing weight.
written by Devi Abbott, November 22, 2009
This seems very doable to me. I've been on Atkins for 5 months and started stalling after 2 so that I have had a 15 lb loss only. It seems if I cut out the shakes and bars and replace them with decent protein I should do fine. I feel encouraged. thanks you
written by Dana, November 22, 2009
So is dairy allowed in stage one? It's unclear by this paragraph. Also, what about coconut milk/oil?

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