Holiday Health Tips from Dr. Aziz

Weight gain does not have to happen on the Perfect 10 Diet during the holidays. Here's some advice from Dr. Aziz on how to stay healthy this winter: 

Many of us pack on the pounds during the holidays as sweets and candy become more available. Weight is affected by certain hormones as they are secreted in higher amounts, so it is important to think about what you're eating. Sweets, candy, and alcohol are notorious for messing with insulin, the fat-storing hormone. But hey, it is the holidays! Here are some tips to help you have fun and get through this holiday season without gaining weight.


1Think of alternative food choices when it comes to desserts, such as fruits topped with whipped cream, bananas sprinkled with cocoa powder, and frosted grapes. Smoothies with berries, milk and a lot of ice make a nice repalcement for ice cream. Even a piece of dark chocolate with a little sugar is okay on the Perfect 10 Diet. It is is even good for you!

2When it comes to alcohol, keep it at a minimum. Dilute it with sparkling water, mineral water or even add a little pomegranate juice to get some anti-oxidants. 

3If you have any bad food, I recommend immediate exercise before insulin goes out of whack and other hormones go in the wrong directions. 


Eating is easy and guilt-free on The Perfect 10 Diet. Happy holidays and I wish perfect 10 health to you and your family.

- Dr. Aziz

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